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Founded From of a Shared Vision for The Future

We at Ethos believe that the definition of sustainability is “Living in such a way for the current generation to be able to meet its needs, without hindering future generations’ ability to do the same,” or as we like to shorten it, “Enough, for All, Forever!”

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For years, society has been working with a top-down approach to sustainability. Governments set standards and regulations and hope that through uneven enforcement the world will suddenly band together to solve the issue of climate change. The founders of Ethos Sustainability Solutions realized that this was a recipe for disaster. Seeing the hope fostered by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 agenda, Joe Camilleri and William Lorenz founded Ethos out of the recognition that sustainability can only be achieved when people and organizations at every level, families, communities, businesses, and governments, work together on a holistic plan for a sustainable future. For true success on global ESG issues, they realized, the world needs an Ethos of Sustainable Living.

To this end, Ethos Sustainability Solutions was founded in 2019 as a resource for enterprises, communities, and families to turn to in deciding which actions to take to become more sustainable. Ethos’s dedicated sustainability experts work to both develop sustainability plans for all these levels, and to curate and disseminate the latest science-based solutions to climate change.

Deeply devoted to the concept that sustainability helps businesses rather than hindering them, Ethos has positioned itself and its products to help companies integrate the concepts of ESG and sustainability reporting and management into existing business models, making them stronger and more resilient. At the same time, working with communities and families to ensure that we are all united in our resolve for a better future.


Society Focused, Based on Science

As a sustainability consulting firm, we understand that any sustainability plan needs to be rooted in the belief that we must all work together to better the planet and our society for future generations. We also recognize that the issues companies deal with in crafting a sustainability plan are numerous and complex. That’s why we use the STEEP approach to modeling the impact sustainable business decisions have, examining the Social, Technical, Environmental, Economic, and Political benefits and risks of any action.

We only use the latest best practices in our sustainability assessments and plans. The world of ESG measurement, management, and reporting is a constantly evolving web of metrics and standards. At Ethos, we work with our clients to ensure that they are only using the latest and most relevant frameworks for their companies.

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Years of Experience

We provide only the best for your business. Ethos’s Sustainability and ESG experts have years of experience in corporate sustainability consulting that they can apply to your specific needs. Our consultants can help you identify the sustainability management tools that are right for you, and help you use them to maximize the value of your sustainability program. Give us a call to learn more about how our experts can help you.

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