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Ethos Sustainability Solutions was founded with the goal of developing ESG data management software that would make it easier and cheaper for enterprises to create and manage a sustainability plan. Years later, our passion remains the same as our ambitions have grown.

ethos of sustainable living

For the world to truly meet its climate change and sustainability goals, it will require a more intense approach. People, companies, and governments must adopt an “Ethos of Sustainable Living,” meaning sustainability is at the heart of every decision they make. We knew this task would require more than ESG and sustainability reporting software.

Our offerings have grown to include not only ESG management software, but other sustainability management tools, consulting services, workshops, and even a mobile application. We provide a whole suite of options to fit your corporate sustainability needs. Reach out to learn how Ethos Sustainability Solutions can help you on your pathway to sustainability.


Our Mission

To foster an Ethos of Sustainable Living for Enterprises, Communities, and Families by helping them to adopt universal ESG goals compliant with the 1.5-degree world using an interconnected, quantitative, software-based approach.


Our Approach

Our diverse portfolio of offerings can all be utilized to create, implement, and manage a strategic sustainability plan quickly and affordably. At Ethos we utilize a 3-tiered approach to corporate sustainability addressing Enterprise/Institutional Sustainability, Small Group/Community Sustainability, and Personal/Family Sustainability.


Enterprise and Institutional Sustainability

This tier of offering addresses corporate ESG and sustainability management. We offer sustainability management tools, including state-of-the-art software, to measure and manage a company’s ESG score. Combined with our corporate sustainability consulting services, we can offer all the tools any company needs to create, implement, and manage a long-term strategic ESG and sustainability plan. Starting with our quantitative materiality assessment through the publication of the plan, the Ethos Enterprise software and our sustainability experts are here to help you achieve your company’s sustainability goals.


enterprise and institutional sustainability tool
small group and community sustainability tool

Small Group and Community

Sustainability is a collaborative approach. It is important that relevant stakeholders, especially employees, need to be engaged and informed about a company’s ESG goals so that they can effectively participate in achieving them. To this end, Ethos created community and small group educational offerings to on-board and motivate those who can help achieve your company’s sustainability goals. Our Pathways to Sustainable Living workshops, online training modules, and educational materials can get your stakeholders up-to-speed on ESG best practices quickly and easily.


Personal and Family

Building on our educational tools, our personal and family tier focuses on individual carbon footprints for our 4 pathways, Shelter and Energy, Food and Water, Transportation and Leisure, and Consumer Purchases. To help stakeholders measure and manage their personal carbon footprints, we created the Pathways by Ethos mobile application. With a carbon footprint calculator, CO2 tracking tools, actions, challenges, and group competitions, our app is designed to make personal sustainability fun. When bundled with our other two tiers, employers can claim the credit on their ESG scores for some of the changes their employees make using the app.

personal sustainability tool

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