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The SDGs are an integral part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015. In an act of unparalleled solidarity and commitment to a united global effort for a sustainable future, every member country agreed to the 17 goals set forth in the 2030 agenda as being necessary accomplishments for our planet to survive. Unique in the breadth of scope, the SDGs encompass areas that had not traditionally been considered a part of sustainability.

Areas like poverty, health care, hunger, and social justice had previously been considered separate. With the SDGs, these issues have finally been universally recognized as interconnected. At Ethos Sustainability Solutions, it is our mission to help the world achieve the targets set forth in the SDGs by 2030. The SDGs were written on an international scale, designed for countries. As a sustainability consulting firm, we break down the essence of the SDGs and craft targets and metrics that are applicable to businesses, schools, communities, and families. This allows you to contribute to the United Nation’s 2030 agenda, and be a part of the global movement for a sustainable future. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see more about how Ethos can make the SDGs work for you, or visit our products page, and please contact us for more information. To learn more about the SDGs, watch the video below or visit the United Nation’s SDG information page.

With Ethos Enterprise, you have the ability to create a sustainability plan for your company, school, or non-profit. We give you the tools to conduct a custom materiality assessment, telling you which goals are most important and relevant to your organization. Using stakeholder input, you will see exactly which SDGs fit the priorities of your community, and can focus your efforts and investment in those areas. But you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Our database of metrics is aligned with the SDGs, allowing you to know exactly how well you are achieving each goal, and where you need to focus on improving. We give you a custom Sustainability Score, which shows you quantitatively how sustainable your organization is, and how much further you have to go to achieve your goals.

Finally, using our database of projects, you can make informed choices that allow you to improve in a way that makes financial sense. Worried you don’t have the manpower to craft your sustainability plan on your own? Let Ethos do it for you. We can run the whole process, from engaging with your stakeholders to writing your plan. See our Ethos enterprise page for more information.

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