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Dedicated to Sustainability, Passionate About Business

Our team of sustainability and ESG experts is dedicated to helping your business achieve the goals that will help it excel in the future. Sustainability helps your company by building your brand, reducing risk, driving growth, and cutting costs. Our team of corporate sustainability consultants can help you achieve all four while communicating and demonstrating the environmental, societal, and economic good that is fostered by your company’s ESG activities.

Years of Experience at Your Fingertips

Ethos is staffed entirely with sustainability professionals with years of experience in corporate sustainability consulting, ESG measurement and data management, materiality and impact assessment, and project development and implementation.

Professional Service on Your Schedule

Our Ethos team members are standing by to answer your questions when you need us. Give us a call or email at any time for help with Ethos Enterprise ESG scoring, project management issues, or for more information about trending topics in sustainability.

Experienced in Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement can be tricky. How do you learn the opinions of people with differing and passionate viewpoints and walk away with a clear priority list? Our Sustainability team are experienced in this process and can make stakeholder sessions fun and informative, rather than contentious and boring.

Let Us Train Your Team

Our community tier offerings are perfect for professional development and worker training sessions. Our green office programs not only lower overhead but also have a huge beneficial impact on ESG score. Let our knowledgeable and friendly staff develop a workshop or program for your team, ensuring that your company can meet its ESG goals collaboratively.

ESG Measurement, Management, and Scoring

Ethos’ ESG team is well versed in ESG frameworks like GRI, CDP, SASB, and the UNSDGs. We will walk you through the process of measuring your ESG score and reporting it in compliance with the framework of your choice. Using our sustainability management and ESG reporting software, our team will help you understand the interconnected metrics and data that contribute to an ESG score, and what actions to take to improve.

Project Teams For Your Needs

A typical client will be assigned one Ethos project manager who handles all the client’s needs throughout the relationship. They will answer your questions about any of our software offerings, calculate metrics as appropriate, and help guide you through the process of creating a sustainability plan. If needed, especially for stakeholder engagement sessions and community tier workshops, additional members of the Ethos team will be assigned to ensure your needs are met. By having this type of relationship, we ensure you are always working with a knowledgeable and familiar team member who understands your unique circumstances.

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