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Sustainability Management Software

Ethos Sustainability Solutions offers all the sustainability management tools your company needs to create, implement, and track a strategic sustainability plan. Our software-based approach puts all our offerings at your fingertips making it easier than ever before to have a complete picture of your company’s ESG impact. With our databases of metrics and projects, you’ll see how quickly and effectively any business can meet its sustainability goals.

Three-Tiered Methodology

At the heart of every one of our offerings is the ultimate goal of instilling in our users and clients an “Ethos of Sustainable Living.” We achieve this goal through our unique, integrated, three-tiered approach, offering solutions for Enterprise, Community, and Personal sustainability. The days of a top-down or bottom-up approach to sustainability are over. Our methodology addresses sustainability as a collaborative effort between companies, their stakeholders, and their community. It is vital that any sustainability plan encompass all three groups if a strategic ESG framework is going to be accomplished. Our sustainability management software allows users to determine the priorities of all relevant stakeholders, measure and manage the impact projects will have on all three tiers, and keep track of improvements over time. This means that companies can count carbon reductions made by their stakeholders toward their corporate sustainability goals.

Meeting the sustainability targets set for the 2020s and beyond will not be easy. Only through cooperation between enterprises, communities, and individuals will we as a society have any hope of meeting this important challenge. At Ethos, we offer the sustainability management tools your company needs to make this possible.

sustainability management software

Sustainability Management Tools

Ethos offers a variety of sustainability management tools to help any company reach its ESG goals. Don’t have specific ESG and Sustainability goals set for your company? Don’t fret, Ethos’s sustainability management software offerings will allow you to craft your own goals and targets that integrate with your existing corporate values while guiding your business toward the international best practices outlined for sustainable development.

Project Planning, Management, and Implementation

Looking for the sustainability management tools to help create a data-driven and achievable sustainability plan, in line with international trends towards ESG integration? Look no further than Ethos Enterprise. Our corporate sustainability software works to help companies of any size create ESG planning and reporting frameworks up to date with current best practices.

sustainability planning, management, and implementation

Our sustainability management software allows companies to create plans that meet international deadlines while integrating with existing corporate values and operational structures. Our software tools allow sustainability professionals, and those less versed in ESG topics, to create a sustainability plan, implement sustainability projects, and manage their progress with ease.

corporate sustainability consulting by ethos

Corporate Sustainability Consulting

Many large companies have sustainability professionals on staff that work tirelessly to lower the impact on their employer. For these companies, Ethos’s sustainability management software offerings are a perfect complement to their existing sustainability programs, making their measurement and reporting work easier. However, smaller businesses and those that are just starting out with a sustainability program may not have sustainability professionals who can manage the ESG planning process.

For these companies, Ethos’s sustainability consulting services for small businesses can help start and implement a sustainability plan. Our experts have years of experience running sustainability programs and are ready to help your company prepare for the next decade.

Training and Educational Programming

Sustainability is a collaborative effort. For a company to reach its sustainability goals, it must have buy-in from its executives, employees, and other relevant stakeholders. Ethos’s wide range of sustainability management tools includes educational and training programs designed to accelerate a company’s transition toward sustainability.

training and educational programming by ethos

Boost your ESG score dramatically in one year by implementing a Green Office Program or sustainability rewards system. Ethos offers workshops, retreats, projects, and online classes that help get your company’s workforce to think sustainably.

curriculum integration by ethos

Curriculum Integration

Many schools, colleges, and universities have realized that Ethos’s sustainability management tools are the right choice for their sustainability planning needs. Now Ethos compliments these offerings with curriculum integration methods for sustainability. Our ESG experts have experience in teaching sustainability-based classes at the higher educational level, as well as adapting existing courses to include sustainability learning outcomes.

We even offer a sustainability literacy assessment designed to measure how well a student body understands the important takeaways of sustainable development.

Strategic Sustainability Planning

If your company is just starting its sustainability and ESG planning process or doesn’t have the manpower to conduct this process itself, Ethos provides a perfect solution to quickly and cost-effectively jumpstart a corporate sustainability initiative. By combining our Ethos Enterprise software tools with our sustainability consulting services, your company will be provided with the technology and expertise to achieve any sustainability or ESG goal.

strategic sustainability planning by ethos

We will work with you from the earliest planning stages through project management and wrap-up to ensure you get the most out of your investment in ESG and sustainable development.

ethos enterprise sustainability management tools

Enterprise Sustainability Management Tools

Ethos Sustainability Solutions has the sustainability management software and tools that can help any business achieve its sustainability goals. Check out our unique offerings and learn how you can take advantage of these powerful software options.

Ethos Enterprise

Ethos enterprise is our flagship sustainability management software designed to help companies of all sizes create, implement, and manage a sustainability plan. Ethos Enterprise is a data-driven process that utilizes stakeholder engagement to prioritize a company’s biggest impact areas while addressing the priorities of its stakeholders. Buy-in is vital for a sustainability plan to succeed, and Ethos Enterprise gives you the tools to ensure your relevant stakeholders are heard and feel valued in the creation of your company’s sustainability program.

ethos enterprise sustainability management software

Ethos Enterprise is centered around tracking a company’s sustainability over time while projecting future performance based on projects you choose to implement. Utilizing a three-year key result approach, Ethos Enterprise provides a database of hundreds of sustainability metrics to ensure your company meets its sustainability targets.

Ethos enterprise is an all-in-one tool for sustainability management, simplifying every step required to run an ESG program while giving you powerful data analysis and ESG reporting tools to fully understand your company’s impact.

ethos small business sustainability management software

Small Business Sustainability Management

Small businesses are not immune from the pressure to create a sustainability program. As consumer preferences and government regulations continue to shift towards sustainable business practices, it is important now more than ever for small and medium-sized enterprises to stay ahead of the curve. Implementing an ESG framework is hard, even for large corporations.

Small and medium-sized businesses usually don’t have the manpower and expertise to create their own sustainability program. Ethos provides these businesses with the sustainability management tools to create a strategic ESG plan with ease. Still concerned that you need more help? Reach out to us and ask about our small business sustainability consulting services.

ESG Management Tools

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) frameworks are some of the hottest metrics used in evaluating a company these days. The problem is, ESG scores have no uniform methodology and often rely on third-party structuring to evaluate all companies the same way. At Ethos, our sustainability management tools provide your company with a customized ESG score, based on the impact areas that are important to your business and your stakeholders.

ethos ESG management tools

At Ethos, we strive to provide ESG scoring that actually creates measurable good, rather than just ticking off boxes on an environmental checklist. Ethos’s methodology is compatible with all of the major ESG frameworks, including the U.N. SDGs, CDP, GRI, and SASB.

community workshops by ethos

Community Workshops

Achieving sustainability will always be a group effort. Neighborhoods, community groups, and other social gatherings that come together to learn and volunteer tend to have a bigger impact on the sustainability of their local area than individuals acting alone. Ethos offers community workshops through our Pathways to Sustainable Living initiative that strives to educate communities about their part in a sustainable world.

Centered around four Pathways to Sustainable Living: Shelter and Energy, Food and Water, Transportation, and Consumer Purchases, our 5 seminar workshops teach communities about their impact on the world, and how to reduce it to be more sustainable. With practical guides and experienced instructors, participants walk away with a greater understanding of how their actions contribute to climate change and how to adjust their lifestyles to be more sustainable.

Personal Sustainability Management Tools

For most of us, the biggest impacts we have on the planet are caused by the actions we take at home. Ethos’s personal sustainability tools are designed to help users understand their impact on the planet and learn how to reduce it.

pathways by ethos mobile app

Pathways by Ethos Mobile App

Pathways by Ethos is the brand-new personal sustainability mobile app designed specifically to help users lower their carbon footprints. Using a state-of-the-art carbon footprint calculator, Pathways by Ethos shows its users their biggest impact areas and provides helpful actions and challenges designed to help them lower their carbon emissions.

Tracking tools show users how their carbon footprint changes over time, and how close they are to achieving their goals.

Groups and challenges allow friends and families to compete to see who can lower their footprint the most. Download Pathways by Ethos today in the Apple and Google Play stores.

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Ethos offers a variety of sustainability management tools to help any company reach its ESG goals.

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