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Ethos’s Corporate Sustainability Services Can Help Your Business Start a Sustainability Program

Ethos Sustainability Solution’s experts can help your company achieve its sustainability goals. With years of experience in corporate sustainability consulting, we can help companies of any size develop, implement, and manage a strategic ESG plan.

Future-proof your business by integrating scalable sustainability initiatives into your core business.

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ESG Reporting for a Changing World

Studies show nearly 60% of consumers consider the sustainability of the products they purchase before buying. Likewise, investors are increasingly considering ESG scores when choosing which companies to do business with and hold in their portfolios. For these reasons, it is vitally important for businesses to monitor and publish their ESG scores. There are many ESG reporting frameworks that companies use to demonstrate their sustainability programs, but choosing the right reporting framework can be difficult.

Our sustainability consultants will work with your team to determine which reporting framework is right for your company and walk your team through the process of completing them. ESG frameworks and reporting standards change often and quickly. Ethos’s corporate sustainability consulting services always work to ensure our clients are up to date with the latest best practices in ESG and sustainability management.

Values-Driven Approach

Every company is unique in its approach to sustainability. No two sustainability plans are the same. Every ESG management plan should reflect the values of the company and its stakeholders. Incorporating corporate values into the framework of a sustainability plan is step one in our process of corporate sustainability consulting. Our experts work to combine the ESG framework that best suits your company with its mission.

value-driven approach for corporate sustainability

In this way, any projects that are implemented to increase the sustainability of your business will also further the mission of you company, building brand value and stakeholder buy-in.

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Address Material Issues

ESG reporting frameworks contain hundreds to thousands of metrics used to measure how sustainable a company is. Implementing projects to improve all of them would be prohibitively expensive and a waste of time. All Ethos sustainability consulting services are based on a customized materiality assessment, designed to identify the largest impact areas of a company’s operations, as well as the issues that are most important to its stakeholders.

This provides a clear image of the impact areas that need the most immediate attention, allowing for a greater improvement in ESG score for less investment, as well as added increases to brand value. Ethos’s sustainability consultants work with companies to develop a long-term strategic sustainability plan that allows any sustainability management program to adapt to changing trends in ESG strategies and changes in public opinion.

Conducting a materiality assessment every three years, as recommended by the Ethos team, allows your company to invest in the most important issues and the greatest areas of need. This will ensure your company’s sustainability plan has the greatest chance of success.

Strategic Planning and Management

Most companies release a sustainability report every year to update investors, customers, and other stakeholders about the efforts they are taking to address the most pressing ESG issues. Choosing a sustainability framework and reporting strategy is an important first step in this process. Our corporate sustainability consulting services are designed to make this process as easy as possible, working with your team to identify the proper ESG framework for your company, integrating it with your brand values, and coalescing the material issues into a long-term strategic sustainability plan.

strategic planning and corporate sustainability management

Once a plan is written and published, our sustainability consulting services provide you with any help required to implement the plan as effectively as possible. Our sustainability project management tools and ESG monitoring methodology provide you with an up-to-date understanding of your company’s progress. Our sustainability experts can help you execute the projects outlined in your ESG strategy to best increase your sustainability score while adapting to changing conditions. Blindly implementing a series of unconnected projects are ineffective and costly. Ethos’s sustainability consultants work to ensure you get the most improvement for every dollar spent on sustainability.

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Project Development and Integration

Successful execution of a portfolio of sustainability projects is the most important step in achieving a company’s ESG goals. Depending on the size of your business, it may be difficult to allot man-hours towards these new projects without hiring new workers or increasing the scope of existing workers’ assignments. Ethos’s corporate sustainability consulting services work with your business to design the best implementation and management plan that fits your company’s unique circumstances.

Ethos’s sustainability experts will help you choose which projects best tackle your company’s material issues, design efficient and impactful rollout strategies, and assess the success of the projects toward achieving your ESG goals.

Marketing and Brand Services

All ESG and sustainability programs are designed to have the greatest measurable positive impact on people, society, and the economy as possible. Improving the sustainability of a company is good for the good of the planet. However, the high public interest in sustainable products and business behooves companies to advertise and demonstrate their positive contributions to sustainability efforts worldwide.

marketing and brand services by ethos

Ethos’s corporate sustainability consulting services work with your marketing teams to design factually accurate ESG data that reflect your company’s commitment to sustainability, and how this commitment is reflected in your brand’s values. Customers want to know how your business is positively contributing to people, the planet, and prosperity for the benefit of everyone. Ethos can help you convey this message to your relevant stakeholders.

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Educational Sessions to Build Buy-In

A company cannot effectively lower its carbon footprint without training its employees to act sustainably when they are on the job. This is all part of the need for developing an Ethos of Sustainable Living in order to make significant improvements to your company’s ESG score. Ethos offers in-person and online training sessions designed to show your team how their choices impact the planet, and what actions they can take to reduce their footprint.

Typically organized as a five-module course, our educational workshops can be adapted to fit existing employee training methods to maximize uptake and minimize session times. All Ethos, sustainability consulting services come with one educational session included as an onboarding exercise. If you find the course informative, Ethos sustainability experts also offer sessions for community groups, religious congregations, and other group-based learning experiences.

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