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Personal Sustainability at Your Fingertips

Ethos Sustainability Solutions is excited to introduce our state-of-the-art personal sustainability app, Pathways by Ethos. Designed as a companion software solution to the Pathways to Sustainable Living initiative, Pathways by Ethos makes personal sustainability fun and easy.

Fun, Competitive, and Effective

Making changes to our lives to be more sustainable can be a tall order for some. Many of us don’t know where to start. Pathways by Ethos works to make your transition towards a sustainable lifestyle easy and fun. With built-in tools to actively measure your footprint and actions and challenges to drive you to compete with your friends, you will find yourself making incremental changes quicker than you ever imagined possible. Check out the fun and helpful features included in our personal sustainability app!

effective personal sustainability app
pathways by ethos mobile app

State of the Art Carbon Footprint Calculator

In corporate sustainability, we have a saying, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Well, the same is true for personal sustainability. You can’t know what changes you need to make if you don’t first measure where your impact areas are the most impactful. Pathways by Ethos comes with a personal and family footprint calculator designed to measure exactly which areas of your lives contribute the most to climate change. Our easy-to-understand assessment takes only five minutes to complete but gives you a detailed understanding of your carbon footprint. From here, you will be guided to set a long-term goal, showing you how much carbon you need to eliminate from your activities to achieve success.


As you begin to make changes over time, your carbon footprint will decrease as you move closer to your personal sustainability goals. Pathways by Ethos includes powerful tracking capabilities so you can monitor your sustainability successes. Our tracking tools are what you make of them. Looking to drastically lower your footprint towards net-zero? Well, you can track every ounce of food you eat and every purchase you make to see your real-time impact on the planet. Looking to casually lower your footprint? Track big emitter items like flights and big purchases to help guide yourself towards a more sustainable lifestyle without major disruptions.

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Pathways by Ethos comes loaded with hundreds of actions to help you lower your carbon footprint. From changing out light bulbs, suggested meals with local ingredients, and auditing your house’s energy usage, all the way to big items like buying an electric car or installing solar panels. Our actions are curated and updated by the Ethos sustainability experts, so you know you are making the best possible choices when creating your personal sustainability plan. This serves as the basis for your sustainability efforts, guiding the choices you make and hopefully instilling in you an Ethos of Sustainable Living.

Groups and Challenges

We all know that competition can drive us towards success. That’s why many apps use gamification to make otherwise boring or seemingly unfulfilling but necessary tasks palatable. While we at Ethos all believe that sustainability is something we should all be passionate about, we also understand that this is easier for some than others. That’s why we created the groups and challenges functionality on the Pathways by Ethos mobile app.

Compete with your friends, family, and neighbors to see who can make the biggest reductions to their carbon footprints. Weekly challenges on our personal sustainability app motivate you to try specific tasks designed to quickly lower your carbon footprint. Pathways by Ethos makes an Ethos of Sustainable Living fun.

weekly challenges on personal sustainability
data driven personal sustainability

Developed to be Data Driven, and Up to Date

Created by researchers in the DiLoreto Initiative in the Engineering College at Villanova University, Pathways by Ethos uses state-of-the-art carbon footprinting methodologies to determine the most accurate view of one’s personal impact on climate change. Pathways by Ethos is constantly updated to include the latest data, including advances in scope 3 carbon emissions and societal impacts.

Integrated with Ethos Educational Workshops

Everyone is different, and therefore everyone’s sustainability action plans must differ to optimize their sustainability. For this reason, the Ethos Sustainability Solutions team created the Four Pathways in conjunction with the DiLoreto Research Initiative. The four Pathways: Shelter and Energy, Food and Water, Transportation and Leisure, and Consumer Purchases, help users of our application choose the actions that work best for them to lower their impact.

ethos educational workshops on sustainability

Everyone must forge their own personal sustainability journey, and the four pathways are designed to make that as easy as possible using the Pathways by Ethos mobile application. These four pathways are the same used in our sustainability workshops, allowing participants to take their action plans home and implement them with greater ease.

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